Thursday, August 21, 2014

My New Guardian Angel

My very dear, sweet, strong, kind, generous, loving and truly mind blowing quilter and treasured friend/mentor Mary Jane Ehlich has left her human experience as of 8/20/14.   I am so very joyful to say I believe she is my guardian angel (not to say I'm the only one :) and that the bond that connects us can never be broken.

I will post more about Mary Jane and her Award Winning Quilts, but for now, I grieve and I will be going to PA for her Memorial Service. 


Monday, August 18, 2014

A New Quilter Is Born

You are looking at a photo of the very first quilt my youngest daughter, Madeline,  made this past month.  I'm so very happy for her and proud that she, all by herself, pieced and quilted this quilt.  As many of you may recall your very first quilt, it can be daunting to just figure out how to thread the machine much less how to piece fabrics so they actually will fit together when you are finished piecing.   She is so excited and pleased with herself and you know I'm tickled pink. 

I had given Madeline what I thought was a very good used sewing machine.  She didn't begin using it until June and July of this year and she became frustrated with the machine.  Instead of having it looked at, she went and bought a new machine (Exactly what I would have done and what I did when I was in her shoes 20 years ago.  Madeline lives in FL I couldn't just drive over and bring her my machine).  She had a mission and there was no stopping her.

The funniest part is that she told me when she was finished quilting it she noticed she had sewn one of the blocks on upside down.  To avoid photographing the "mistake" she just flipped the edge of the quilt up so as to show off the backing.  With great confidence I told her that it is not at all uncommon to sew blocks on upside down, forget blocks, mess things up and put them away for years etc.   She finished it...that is the best and greatest part of quilting.

Ok, so there was more humor involved....but I think it was just because of the way I think.  I had given Madeline all the notions and some pre-cut fabric for Christmas.  She had never had to purchase anything for sewing or she inquires as to the cost of paying someone to do the long arm quilting for future projects.  When I told her the price she was surprised.  I was thinking....oh but will have to purchase the fabric and batting in the future....the quilting may be a drop in the bucket!

I hope you have found something to giggle about today....I know I sure have.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flamingos Playing Again and A Giveaway Announcement

Yep, I caught them in the act....
They have been playing volleyball and apparently enjoying themselves too!
The Flamingos in the neighbors yard came first....then the Toledo Zoo must have been jealous because they have added flamingos to the Zoo...giggles.

I had the metal taken out of my ankle on Monday so I've been recuperating here on the sofa.  Not much fun really but I'm thrilled to have the metal out and hopefully the pain in my ankle will stop for good.

A fun giveaway is going on over at Splitting Stitches blog.  Joanne has made some very fun placemats.  Hope over and leave a comment for your chance to win some of these fun placemats:

That's all from here for now....hope all is going exceptionally well for you and yours!


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